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Welcome to The University of Tulsa. We are pleased that you are interested in learning more about the exciting career opportunities offered at TU.  As part of the TU family, you will enjoy outstanding benefits and play an integral role in contributing to the atmosphere, diverse culture, and traditions that make The University of Tulsa great. With career opportunities in many outstanding fields, we encourage you to explore the openings and find your place in the TU family. Please search our current job listings to find your next opportunity.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The university endeavors to create and nurture an informed and inclusive environment in its workplace and educational programs. Affirmative action and equal employment opportunity are integral parts of The University of Tulsa not just because they are legally mandated, but because we recognize that the present and future strength of the university is based primarily on people and their skills, experience and potential. The University of Tulsa does not discriminate in access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national or ethnic origin, veteran status, disability, genetic information, ancestry, or marital status. The university seeks to recruit, select and promote students, faculty and all other employees on the basis of individual merit.  In addition, The University of Tulsa, through its commitment to affirmative action, recognizes the need to increase representation by underrepresented groups and will make additional efforts to recruit, employ and promote members of groups formerly excluded.

Disability Statement

The University of Tulsa will reasonably accommodate all employees/applicants with disabilities, where to do so does not impose an undue burden on the institution. A reasonable accommodation may include the purchase of special equipment, changing the physical layout of the workplace, restructuring specific job responsibilities and duties, modifying the work schedule, etc. The University of Tulsa is under no obligation to provide reasonable accommodation unless an individual properly identifies him/herself as a person with a covered disability and supplies the necessary documentation.

Working at TU

Working at The University of Tulsa can be a rewarding experience. Our faculty and staff enjoy excellent benefits, challenging careers, and a work life balanced environment. The TU campus fosters a rich, diverse experience for Students, Faculty and Staff regardless of religious or cultural background through a strong belief in mutual respect and understanding. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus.

Diversity Statement

The education of people of diverse backgrounds and cultures lies at the heart of The University of Tulsa’s core values and mission. The University furthers its mission of educational excellence by creating an environment of equity and inclusion that values diverse life experiences, ideas, and perspectives. The University of Tulsa is committed to aligning its practices to cultivate a community that reflects these fundamental values and goals.