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First Time Entering Transfer

Entering Transfer Students

Scholarships 2023-2024

The TU Office of Admission is proud to award academic scholarships to students who have excelled in the classroom. Scholarship awards are typically based on a student’s grade point average, completed curriculum, and academic accomplishments.

IMPORTANT! If you are a student athlete, you must meet with The University of Tulsa Athletic Compliance Office.  There are NCAA rules that may impact the renewal of your TU Academic Scholarship based on your gpa. Scholarship policies are reviewed annually and are subject to change from year to year.

Current Transfer Students

Scholarships 2022-2023

The following is a listing of the Scholarships offered to entering transfer students in the 2022-2023 academic year.

Presidential Scholarship – Presidential Scholarships recipients are awarded full tuition for 8 semesters.  Eligible students must have a 4.0 gpa and must submit a separate application and resume when applying for the Presidential Scholarship.  For more information, please visit the Presidential Scholarship website.

TU Academic Scholarship – variable amounts. Applicants are automatically considered for these scholarships during the application for admission review process based on eligibility.

TCC Honors Award – $25,000 – Awarded to new transfer students who earn an Associate’s degree from Tulsa Community College as an Honors Scholar with a cumulative 3.50+ gpa.  Incoming freshman with concurrent enrollment from TCC are not eligible for this scholarship.

Other Scholarships

Endowed and Supported Scholarships – These awards are made possible by the annual earnings of restricted gifts invested with The University of Tulsa’s endowment funds or by gifts given to The University of Tulsa by corporations, foundations and friends of the university.  Most of these awards are used to underwrite grants and scholarships.

Other Scholarship Awards – Funds from sources outside the university will credit to the student’s account no earlier than the first day of class each semester upon receipt of the funds. Outside scholarships received and TU scholarship funds may be combined up to the student’s federal cost of attendance.  TU will follow the directives issued by the funding source if their guidelines are more restrictive than TU’s policy.  Presidential Scholars may combine outside scholarships up to their federal cost of attendance. It is necessary to report to Student Financial Services any change in circumstances, including outside scholarship awards not considered in the offer of assistance. By law, Student Financial Services must make adjustments to prevent or correct “over awards” that may result from the receipt of these outside sources of financial assistance. Adjustments will be both gift aid (grants/scholarships) and self-help aid (work/loans).